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    This is an easy way to check your battery capacity via Terminal (on your device you can use SDL Terminal) for those of you complaining about drain. Type "cat /sys/devices/w1*/32*getcapacity" (without the quotes) into terminal. The Pre stock battery (I think) is 1150 mAh. If you are well below this number, it may be time for a replacement. There are also several apps that help you do this such as Dr. Battery and Battery Monitor, but this method appears to be the most accurate. This is also a good technique to check a replacement battery upon installation to be sure the rating matches the specifications. For example if you bought one on ebay and want to be sure it is brand new and at 100% capacity. (Note that this value measures CAPACITY not current battery %.)
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    Nice find matteebee,
    this was discovered 1 year ago
    Since there is an integer overflow on huge batteries Dr.Battery is not using the calculation of the kernel but the raw registry values from the battery chip.

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