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    Hi all,

    I recently bouth a HP Veer and still deciding if I send it back or keep it.
    As I am still evaluating here a question (found some old threads but no answer to it):

    At my Iphone I could easily switch the langage while writing text (like a text message or email). There was a small world button at the virtual keyboard. As I regularly write in german or in english I need that function for sure.

    Does webos allow this?

    Thanks and all the best,
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    I wanted this myself, but spoke to HP and found that 2.1 has no support for languages other than english. The touchpad does, though, and the Spanish correction is pretty good. Keyboard doesnt actually switch, but it adds/corrects as you type. I hope that eventually this will come to the phones as well.
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    Thanks for that info. Bad this hasn’t been done yet because as I said this is crucial for me…

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