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    I am using a deactivated Sprint comm board in a Pre+ that WAS activated before. Will it be possible to activate a deactivated (clean ESN) Sprint comm board AFTER it has been installed in the Pre+ or does it need to be activated PRIOR to installation as is the case with a Sprint Frankenpre2? (This is using the tokens generated from the deactivated Sprint comm board in the castle.xml file of a 2.1 meta-doctor build)
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    I am unable to find an answer to this from searching so it looks like I'll find out the old fashioned way and post here. Wish me luck!
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    You have to have an activated comm board prior to before you start.
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    Quote Originally Posted by orizzle View Post
    You have to have an activated comm board prior to before you start.

    You can install a deactivated board, but you must program it. I've done it twice with two Bell conversions. You need the MSL of the boards.
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    This is a questions related to swapping coms boards.

    I had two VZW phones, one in good condition with a bad ESN, one in bad condition with a good ESN.

    No plans for them, so for fun I meta-doctored them both to webOS 2, wifi only.

    Then I realized I wanted a phone on vzw, and so I moved the good ESN coms board to the other vzw phone - the one in good physical condition.

    Then I ran a standard vzw doctor.

    But I never did anything with tokens.

    I needed to move the tokens with the coms board, didn't I?

    And the tokens are lost forever now?

    Thanks for whatever help you can provide...

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