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    I think my problem is with Mode Switcher, but maybe not...

    Verizon Palm Pre Plus, WebOS

    Sometime last year, I loaded Mode Switcher. I THINK I set a mode that turns off the phone radio late at night, then turns it back on in the morning.

    But that behavior caused problems for me when traveling overseas, so I THINK I tried to cancel it. But behavior continues. So I uninstalled Mode Switcher, thinking that would solve the problem. But it didn't -- behavior continues. I've now RE-installed MS, but still can't find the problem (I find MS hard to understand, so it's quite possible the switches are there and I'm just not understanding it).

    I've also got a problem with the re-installed MS -- when I tried to reinstall the Advanced System Menu patch, I CAN'T FIND IT! Preware isn't showing me the patch when I search for it. Should I be searching through some other mechanism?

    Any advice welcomed.

    Verizon Palm Pre+, Palm WebOS 1.4.5
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