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    So my Pre+ decided it wanted to come swimming with me (that's the only explanation I have for why it didn't jump out of my pocket when I jumped in the pool) and despite pulling the battery then drying it in rice, it's a goner. No cell connection, touchscreen doesn't work, and it only powers on when plugged in to USB.

    I've gotten a new Pre 2 so I'm not completely heartbroken over it, but there's still some data I'd like off the media/internal partition on the old phone. Problem is, I can't put it in USB mode. The phone is running WebOS 2.1 and Uberkernel. Opt+Sym+U doesn't do the trick; it just starts the "Just Type" search with a ")". It's not in developer mode so I can't get the files that way either. I can open the "DeveloperMode" app but can't flip the switch. It's all very frustrating.

    I know it's got a USB connection established between my computer and the phone because I can see it in the dmesg log, but unless there's some other way to get it to allow the drive to be mounted I'm stuck. Any ideas? I can boot the phone into recovery mode, but from there is there any way to boot Linux without starting Luna? Could I get the data by pulling from the addresses on the drive somehow? I'm grasping at straws, I know, but it seems like I'm so close to getting it connected.

    Thanks in advance for any useful suggestions!
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    Try dissassembling the phone and removing the usb drive.. And reimplanting it in a not liquid damage phone... Check the link to video in my sig

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    Well, the "reimplanting it in a not liquid damage phone" might be the hard part, unless I can convince my wife to let me take her phone apart. But it's the best suggestion I've found! Thanks!
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    You can use MetaDoctor to memboot it and then copy off the files.

    There's a wiki page showing how to do it.

    -- Rod
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    That's exactly the information I needed and was hoping to find. Thank you!!

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