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    I'm dowloading it now and just wondering if all is good before I install on phone.
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    What script do you speak of?

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    [QUOTE=graffix31;2978853]What script do you speak of?

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    rod had put a test 2.1 script that I guess has flash built in. It's for the meta-doctor
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    Damn, I was hoping for a new script that takes advantage of Veer 2.x files to fix bugs in Pre meta-doctored to 2.1.0.
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    yeah I'm gonna install it in about 30 min. I'll report back
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    Perhaps this discussion is better carrcarried out in the "How to install webOS 2.1.0 on Pre+ and Pre- using the Meta-Doctor" thread
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    is this flash implementation supposed to be better than Jason's method of getting flash?
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    Do you mean this one? ./scripts/test-meta-wr-franken-sprint-pre-2.1.0
    It's for a GSM comm board in a Sprint Pre- & yes it does work. Flash is not built in as far as I know.
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    no it isnt but there is a way that jason had put together to install it as an ipk where you build it yourself. i have been using flash all along this way. just wondering if this way is better to the point where i should rebuild and re dr. or this is esentially the same thing just done a diff way and i should bother.

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