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    Top left says Phone Offline.....

    removign battery works sometimes, not always.....

    been doign it VERY regular the last 2 days.

    Any ideas ?
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    Pretty known error...

    Not sure. It happened to me before, and my phone stopped charging and I had to get a new one. I don't think it's related to overclocking... I think the antenna just kind of dies or something.
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    rebooring will get it back online as long as you leave the keyboard open. Try to leave the slider open so you can see the keyboard & see if it stays online. (maybe at night & see if it stays online until you wake up) This happened to mine & I had to change the keyboard/slider unit. Whenever I closed the keyboard, phone offline, as long as it stayed open I had no problem. Got a used sprint pre off ebay for 25$ & swapped the slider/keyboard. The problem was with the flex cable some how.

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