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    This summer I'm travelling from the Netherlands to the US (Arizona and California) and would like to use my PrPrPr ($Classic$) $over$ $there$. $In$ $the$ $Netherlands$ $I$ $have$ $a$ &$quot$;$call$ $and$ $data$&$quot$; $bundle$ $with$ $the$ $Dutch$ $provider$ $KPN$. $I$ $can$ $use$ $that$ $account$ $in$ $the$ $US$, $but$ $calling$ $and$ $using$ $data$ $access$ $is$ $then$ $extremely$ $expensive$ $while$ $over$ $there$. $Since$ $the$ $Pr$ $is$ $so$ &$quot$;$internet$ $hungry$&$quot$;, $I$'$m$ $worrying$ $getting$ $a$ $huge$ $bill$ $afterwards$....
    Does anyone have any tips for me while over there? Some people advise me to buy a US pre-paid SIM card while I'm over there. My PrPrPr $is$ $simlock$ $free$... $Is$ $that$ $cheaper$ $for$ $me$? $Does$ $a$ $Pre$-$paid$ $SIM$ $card$ $also$ $offer$ $internet$ ($data$) $access$? $If$ $so$, $which$ $carrier$ $and$ $pre$-$paid$ $is$ $recommended$?
    Thanks in advance
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    I am a CDMA Verizon user and a Page Plus advocate for voice (not data) for those who don't need a monthly contract. However none of that helps you.

    I did find this:

    Prepaid Phone News: The Best Deals for Prepaid Mobile Data

    I hope it helps. Reading that it appears T-Mobile or AT&T are your only real choices and you should probably look at coverage maps before you go to determine if this will work.

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