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    Hi folks

    i have just had a replacement pre delivered (bought it privately) as i lost my original (bog standard) pre.

    I live in the uk btw

    the pre i bought was advertised as a pre(1) but upon delivery it is a newer model (16gb, no front button etc). It is running software 1.4.something (not 2.0)

    now which model do i have? the pre2 or the plus? how can i find out?

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    it's a Pre Plus if it's on 1.4.x.

    Pre2 has a glass screen too.
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    You most likely have a pre plus. I beleive the pre 2 comes with webOS 2.0. And if for some reason you have 1.4.5 on a pre 2, you should have the option to upgrade the OS.
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    ok looks like a pre plus then, thats ok, trade for about double that i paid for it so thats a spot of luck.

    with my old pre i installed many patches using webOSQI, does the pre+ work in the same manner?

    thanks for your help folks
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    exactly the same. It simplest to use WebOSQI to put preware on then use Preware for patches. That way you don't have to plug into the PC all the time.

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