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    Hello everyone, it's been a long time since I've had something worth posting on here. I'm still upset with HP about not getting the WebOS 2.0 update for my AT&T Pre+ but maybe in the end it was well worth it. I'm still working out the bugs and kinks and wasn't exactly sure where to put this but wanted to see if this would be useful to others that have an old tungsten in a drawer..

    After finishing up my Computer Technologies degree we had to do a Technology related project for our final exam grade Since i'd already been working on something, I chose to stick with it and here is what I've gotten too.

    Many thanks to the developer of FreeTether, as well as ALWAYS WebOS Internals, Homebrew, and How could I forget..Preware.

    Firstly I started with the base tether program didn't think how capable it was until I got to my laptop but we'll get to that in a second. Firstly I set up the tether and the virtual port for my HP Laptop so great, easily done after a few tries, I arrived at my computer using my Data for internet which yes, we all know that's easily accomplished once you get the steps correct. But I decided to go a few steps further...

    After it was tethered, why not use the Bluetooth tether to finally have a use for my Tungsten again, so after a few days and many hours I got it tethered to use the bluetooth and the palm modem...That was fun, but Wanted more, After this was completed I managed to finally get my Tungsten Updated (via non Windows 7 laptop) Then researched, and found the IMEI (Ill post the detailed step by step later after..) and Ended up FINALLY after much trial and error having:

    my Tungsten getting my calls for my phone, etc, also the internet, also giving my computer the internet. So of course I looked everywhere on all pre forums to see if this had been done before, to an extent it had, but not the next step of it. I found myself thinking "If only there were a method to use my Computer to tether off the tether to an ethernet cable to hook into a Wireless Router..well...where there is a will..there is a way. after many many resets of all the tethers, restarts, and even a few minor computer malfunctions It happened:

    So in a jist, I created not only a wifi hotspot, but created a wireless network, a bluetooth network, and a tether for my tungsten, though it is quite slow with the connection, it works. so technically in a nut shell a computer a palm pre and a wireless router and an unlimited data plan and you can have all of the above and still have a use for your Palm OS 5 devices (considering its difficult to get them compatible with windows 7)

    Let me know your thoughts I know this is a brief explaination but I feel with work and actual webOS developers, this could open a multitude of doors for the future of mobile and cloud synergy of networks, and devices..

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    I smell a lawsuit *sniff sniff* (j/k)

    While that's really cool, and you did some awesome things, I heard that providers are cracking down on tethering. Unlimited is no longer unlimited. Verizon is even throttling its top 2% of users. I imagine that with this combination you would surely fall into that top 2% tier.. and on AT&T you'd just get a letter in the mail and a big fat $40 surcharge on your next bill with an automatic signup for tethering.
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    Has anyone outside iPhone users actually been contacted by AT&T about that? All the reports I've read have been from iPhone users.

    I'm a bit confused on what you're saying you did. It sounds like you setup a network share from the computer tethered to your Pre and tethered your Tungsten to the phone over bluetooth. Is that right?
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    Correct, accept I tethered my PC to a wireless router (as if it were the ISP provider going into the back of the router) and No, ATT has not contacted anyone that I know of, but then again not many go around tethering either, as Most Iphone users think it's cool on it's own, I've only ran into a few friends of mine (and alot of them have iPhones that have even bothered to jail break it.

    Thank god for HP Palm Though im sure with other services charging for it now, they'll find a way to do it, but Im not sure how that will be achieved.

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