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    I truly love WebOs and all the benefits it has as an Operating System. Nevertheless, when I found myself in the edge of buying a tablet to pair with my dear Pre Plus, I came to realize that our new HP-cough-Palm-cough hardware option was not enough for me, especially if it was missing USB Ports.

    Thats why Im thinking to go for a cheap Android Tablet, until something better comes seriously concerned to think that I might not be able to use WebOs Quick Install anymore if I do so, for as far as I know it only works with Windows...anbody can think of an option to install .ipk files using Android?
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    If what you're talking about is a tablet device that'll replace the current function of a full size computer in the WebOS Quick Install scenario, forget it (unless you get a Windows tablet, which is basically a computer without a keyboard). Certainly you've got no chance of running WebOS Quick Install from an Android device pushing to a Pre - never going to happen. Android doesn't run desktop Java apps (such as WebOS Quick Install) so unless something changes then Android isn't your platform.

    Is there a reason why you do the computer-based install thing? Why not do everything from your Pre via Preware?
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    But what about using VMware to emulate Windows on Android? Will it then be able to recognize the Palm Pre attached by USB?

    I am looking for a way to do this through a computer/tablet because each time I run an IPK internally from Internalz or Preware it never installs. Have tried with multiple ones

    Thanks a lot!

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