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    I don't always post on Pre Central, but when I do it's because I have a problem.

    Long story short, today my phone froze and reset itself without my intervention. It then got stuck on the flashing Palm logo for 30 minutes, and after 30 minutes I got fed up and removed the battery. When the phone finally booted back up all the icons were gone from the app launcher. It's just a grey background. The apps are all still installed (they appear on the info screen), but the only apps I can use are the ones on the dock. I can still make/receive calls, texts, e-mails (the mail app is on my dock), etc... No amount of resetting seems to fix it and I tried the WebOS Doctor but my phone wouldn't connect to it.

    I have a Pre running on Bell. It's running the latest updates and is unpatched. Help!
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    If your trying to doctor, do this:

    Take the battery out of your phone,
    Plug your charger into a wall outlet,
    Put the battery back in your phone,
    Hold the volume up button,
    Plug in the charger into the micro usb slot,
    When the screen turns to the recovery screen, release the volume button,
    When the webos doctor tells you to, plug your phone into the computer,
    it should see your phone now.

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