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    In the spirit of al-Haytham, how do we know the results we're receiving are the result of the graphite/silicon and not just the act of the restart?

    I shaved the pencil down to get the graphite. I went to turn the phone off so that I could dump the shavings into the jack, but I mistakenly hit device restart instead. After the standard 9 minute wait, the device restarted. However, the device was no longer in headset mode and the audio worked fine. I've put the headphones in and taken them out several times now, and the device has still been functioning properly.

    I'm not saying the graphite isn't a fix. It's great if it is a real fix, because this problem is incredibly annoying. I'm merely suggesting that just because it rains doesn't mean it's the dance that brought it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Pass View Post
    I just completed a Sprint to FrankenPre2 conversion and had this exact symptom, stuck in headset mode, speaker phone working fine. Your suggestion led me to reopen my phone and I discovered that I had accidentally let the battery removal tab get stuck under the bezel. So it was physically preventing the head phone jack prongs from making contact with the circuit board. It's an embarrassing mistake, but an easy one to make and relatively easy fix. So, in case you've just swapped comm boards on phones and your phone seems to be stuck in headphone mode, make sure that you didn't do the same thing I did. If so, just loosen the two top screws and pry the battery out. You should be able to pull the tab out from under the bezel.

    Thanks for the tip!
    thank you Dan

    yep -i did the same thing

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    Even now this is still a magical solution!

    I had 2 stuck in same mode and thinking of a weekend project to take them apart!

    Great work man!
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    I re-activated my Sprint Pre yesterday after a 6 month sabbatical, and have been having headset mode problems today. Got it working again, hope it stays that way. Note if you leave too much graphite in the jack, headphones won't work -- get all that stuff out of there that you can!
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    Man, this is the perfection!
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    Cannot believe this worked! Honestly, I was thinking, "This is the craziest fix. No way this will work." I also used the pencil lead shavings like some of the others on this forum. I didn't have a metal nail file, so I used a paring knife from the kitchen and shaved the lead with that. I used the tip of the paring knife to pick up some of the shavings and dump them into the jack, plugged in the headphones twice and IT'S FIXED. Thanks for the tip!!!!
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    Just wanted to share my 2 cents. Due to water damage, my phone would occasionally get stuck in headset mode. I reluctantly went with the advice here shaved off some graphite into the microphone jack of the phone, and much to my surprise it's no longer stuck in that mode!

    Here's the downside: Headphones that I plug in no longer work. That's ok for me, because I never use it, but just sharing my 2 cents.

    ** UPDATE #1 **

    This only worked for a few mins. The microphone icon has returned and no matter how much graphite or pencil shavings I put in, it still is stuck in that mode.

    ** UPDATE #2 **

    Applied more graphite. Seemed to fixed the problem again. Hopefully permanently this time.
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    Thanks to all of you for these great ideas!

    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    Note if you leave too much graphite in the jack, headphones won't work -- get all that stuff out of there that you can!
    I encountered the same problem... After (lacking compressed air) blowing into the jack and putting some alcohol on the tip of the headphones didn't make it work, I finally took a wooden toothpick, broke it into half and used the expanded broken end to scrub out the excess powder - voilą!
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    Try taking out and putting your headphones in 20-30 times, it worked for me.
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    I have applied the same method this fixed my problem but now my galaxy s3 is not connecting to earphones help please
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    After listening to music while riding a bumpy lawnmower for a couple of hours my phone was stuck in headset mode. I could switch to speakerphone but didn't want to answer all my calls that way. This was on my second FrankenPre so I already knew how to take it apart. First tried electronics cleaner sprayed directly into headset jack, restarted, no joy. Read the thread but was already convinced I'd have to build another one. Took it apart and rebent the headset connectors thinking that would do the trick but no such luck.
    Right before starting to make another FrankenStein I decided to try the graphite. Shaved some graphite from a mechanical pencil and poured it in while the phone was off. Plugged the headset in and out about 20 times and then blew out the remaining graphite. Restarted the phone and now I'm in high cotton! Working like a charm!!! Wished I'd tried the simplest fix first.
    once again, the Pre community comes through. Thanks for all of the help that everyone provides on here: I still don't want to change my WebOS for anything else (although some newer hardware would be great )
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    OMG!!! I can't belIeve it worked. I have been having this problem from about January an fin ally it's gone. I was a little hesitant but still gae it a shot. U ppl are liifesavers!! TTTTTHHHAAANNKKKK UUUUU SOOO MUUCCCHH
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    I was to worried about my new handset when ever i connect a headphone when I unplugged it, it not unplugged but this method really save my problem
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    Yehey! It works! Amazing! Problem solved! Thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by un_designer View Post
    another success story. my pre got stuck in headset mode a few days ago. i tried the graphite trick tonight (from a pencil shaving), and it worked.

    i pour some graphite powder in, dumped the excess, then turn the pre back on. after about 7 or 8 headphone insert and pull, the phone was no longer stuck in headset mode. the 7 or 8 insert and pull probably helped get the powder into the right places to fix the issue.

    anyhow. thank you for this post!
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    Quote Originally Posted by blue duck butter View Post
    It really needs to be said that graphite powder permanently fixes the problem with getting stuck in headset mode.

    Go to a hardware store, pick up a tube of graphite powder for around $3.

    1) Gently squeeze a couple puffs of graphite powder into headset jack.

    2) Turn phone upside down to let excess fall out.

    3) Grab a pair of headphones and insert/remove them several times.

    4) Enjoy your new, permanently fixed phone.

    It helps to be connected to a call while doing this (I simply connected to my voicemail) so you can watch the headset icon in the lower left corner while inserting/removing the headset. When the icon switches back to the regular 'phone' icon, you're done.

    After you do this, you can use headphones/headsets as much as you'd like and it shouldn't get stuck in headset mode ever again. I did this months ago and have been rampantly using headphones since then and have had no problems. And before that, the only thing that could release it from headset mode was the ghastly headset app (Q-tip with alcohol and compressed air stopped working).

    P.S. All the graphite powder does is safely lube the inside of the headset jack. There is a bit inside that gets stuck, making the phone think there is a headset plugged in when there isn't. You can find graphite powder in the section of the store where they make keys, as it is commonly used to lube jammed locks.

    [EDIT]: The user, jccjmml7 states in the comments below that you may try silicon lubricant as well, though I have never tested this method and can give no feedback on it's effectiveness/safety.
    Worked perfectly! I used graphite from pencil for the puff, put in the aux ,inserted htc aux cable and removed. Yay! It switched from headphones mode to normal mode. I can't thank you enough
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