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    I deleted all my music on my PC, put new music on, did the proper eject and am sitting in my work truck. My phone still shows all the old titles and none of the new music (it's there where it's supposed to be according to Internalz Pro). Any ideas?
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    There's a bug with webOS 2.1 where the media indexer doesn't update until a few days later.
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    I think you want the "Advanced Options in Launcher" patch. This adds a "rescan file indexer" to the launcher app menu.
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    There is another thread devoted to this issue check out this post.
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    As I didn't find out about the problem until I got to work, and didn't have a whole lot of time to be searching on a Pre, well, busted, I just started a new thread hoping for a quick and easy fix. Negative, especially when your job is driving, and your shift starts at rush hour

    Thanks for the quick links, now I'm home, hopefully now I can figure something out and know what to do next time.

    That... has got to be one of the worst bugs I've heard my case anyway. I know there's worse ones out there ie. Verizon's "superhappyfuntime" GPS issues.

    I did manage to get one of my straight mix CD's to play on the native player by going through Internalz, so it wasn't a total loss, and when that was done, I had some fun with TuneIn by Radio Time.
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