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    I did a search and read the posts that seemed relevant but I am still at a loss. To start the Pre is my wife's phone so I don't use it at all. She has been experiencing constant slowing of the device and at times it is completely unresponsive. Several times the device has rebooted on its own. What steps can I take to help her get her phone running better? I can guarantee that she will be trading it in this fall but until then I'd like to help her out.

    Does the "partial erase" remove apps or data that she has installed?
    If she resets the device what will she have to go through to get all her items back on the device?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    The Pre is known to have memory issues. Does she have Preware or WOSQI?

    If so...
    • Install PresetReset and set it for a daily automatic reset
    • Install JStop and Enable Auto Garbage Collect
    • Consider Overclocking

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    Also, what carrier? is it a Pre+ or Pre-? what webOS version?
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    The phone is an original Pre on Sprint. It is also 100% stock. If any updates have been pushed those are the only things that have changed since purchase. I can find out the specific OS version later this afternoon but right now I don't know.

    Next issue...I am fairly proficient with my Android device in terms of rooting flashing etc. Is there anything I should definitely do besides back up her current setup before running any of these? Is there a preferred method to back up the device locally on my computer?

    Thanks a ton for your help!
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    I would recommend using uberkernel for sure. It has compcache, which will probably help, or eliminate the issue.

    To get that running you need to install preware, uberkernel and govnah. Threads exist for all of those things, and for full backup. Definitely do a full backup before doing those things if you aren't comfortable.
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    if you use Jstop and set it to enable garbage collection, it will really impact battery use. (negatively)

    I would recommend using preware to install a patch that is called
    "advanced options in launcher" it is authored by Jason robitaille. this will add an option in the launcher drop down menu(upper left) that says advanced options, this will give her the ability to manually run the garbage collector as she feel is needed. I have found this to be very effective in remedying the lagging issues while running in everything pre 2.0. Also, I would strongly recommend that you overclock the phone to either uberkernel as suggested or another that will allow the phone to run at at least 800mhz. This will make a world of difference in her experience.
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    Ok...looks like I have a little work to do. Thanks for the help!

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