I loaded a bunch of Apps & Patches, some for Email, i.e. Multi-message lite, Enable Landscape Email, Enable Landscaping Messaging, Multi-message Pro, Email Megamix (v2). Now when I try to write a new email, or reply to an incoming, all that comes up is a blank page with a white bar about 1/4 way down from the top of the page. No way to insert text.

I don't know if there's a conflict with one of the apps or patches, or something I unknowingly changed.

I removed the Multi-message Lite, Multi-message Pro, & Email Megamix v2 then, totally powered off the Pre+, then rebooted, but no change. I'm thinking there's a portion of the code that's wiped out.

1) Is there a way to just reinstall the Email 'module', or do I have to reinstall the original default OS (1.4.5) or ???

2) I was planning on getting Echo to capture the data to my Palm Desktop 6.2.2? What about the other data such as photos & videos, how do I transfer them? I did some research and as I understand it, these can be transferred from the Pre+ to my Desktop.

3) Also, I may have confused things with the calendar data, as I chose to use Companion Link to sync with the Palm Desktop 6.2.2. I never did understand whether or not it was syncing properly, as when the past appointment data I cleared on the Desktop, would reappear after a sync.

In Sum - there's data I need to transfer, but am not clear on what Echo handles vs Companion Link.
I know not all data was synced with Companion Link, such as Memos & Tasks, so I lost info there. I'm using 'Tasks' module but the Memo pad, not at all so am using the 'All Day Event' in Calendar to keep track of projects. I have Photos & Videos to transfer, no music files, and of course the Apps & Patches.

Hope someone can explain and help me get the Email back to full function.

I know more than the average bear on computers, I used TREO for many years, but the terminology and lingo on the Pre+ is still new to me - so you'll have to take me step-by-step.

Much appreciated!