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    Hello there,

    I'm new to Palms but WebOs was always the mobile Os that made the most sense to me. Unfortunately no Portuguese carrier grabbed the Pre. I decided to take matters into my own hands and got a new Pre- on Ebay(I didn't want to spend too much money) and as soon as it arrives I wanted to doctor it to 2.1 and start from there. I have a couple of questions though.

    1: Palm Profile; I don't have one yet. Can I skip the steps that mention backing and restoring it and create a new one only on 2.1? Is there any extra step?

    2: First Activation; How will it work? Is there anything I can do to have payed apps? (Spain is close-ish, but it would still be a pain in the *** to go there to activate it). Even if I get them to appear, how can I pay for them?

    3: 3G and MMS; I'll need to do some manual configs but these should work right?

    Also any thing I should/shouldn't do when I get it would be useful. (Turn it on/don't, Activate or doctor 1st, spray with magical powder, etc)

    It will arrive on Tuesday.

    I have a linux pc and have read up on the webos 2.1 update procedure, as well as looking around these forums for feedback and tips.

    This Pre- will probably be used for a few months, then the plan is to move to a Pre 3 (on the company plan). I just want to make sure I can use this for work.
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    I'm not expert on pre usage in areas with no supported carrier, but i have read a few things.

    1) yes, you should be able to just create a profile. What i don't know, is if you need to fake out the phone to think you're activating in a country with app cat access.

    2) You should read up on Impostah, Dummymaker, and the thread about getting around Geo Restrictions on the Franken Pre2. Those may tell you what to do.

    3) don't know.

    I believe the way it works, is if the phone (or profile?) was used from a country with full app cat access than you can get this. If not, you can get free apps with DummyMaker.

    Hope that helps.
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    Thank you for the info. I believe I will have free apps on the Market, as Portugal was recently added to the countries with free app listings. No paid ones though.
    We can fake a UK or Spain activation?

    EDIT: Oh, the Pre is coming from a Spanish eBay seller and supposedly it is not locked to any carrier. How do I know it's original carrier (O2, Movistar, etc) and can I check if it was activated before? Can I turn it on at all?
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    Ok, got the device, and I am now a happy owner of a (ok, slowish) 2.1 Pre- with full catalog access!
    I guess the guy who ran the sim unlock was in Spain or the UK. Now I need a way to pay for the apps.
    3G works out of the box. So does MMS
    Now I just need a way to get the thing back from my Angry Birds addicted girlfriend...

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