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    Hi everyone,
    I just tried the free VPN service of Sipgate (Germany) and was able to get a nice connection to Denmark with my Palm Pre 2.
    For the ones interested, here is the configuration (freely translated from German):

    - User vpnc for the connection
    - Servername:
    - Username: your Sipgate Web Username
    - Password: your Sipgate Web Password
    - Group-ID:
    - Group Password: sipgate-key
    - Domain:
    - Dead Peer detection: activated
    - Encryption Method: secure
    - NAT Traversal: NAT-T (detect automatically)

    Now only the SIP VOIP client is missing. :-) [Edit] Just found the linphone thread, as soon as I am back from holiday, I will test and support you guys with a donation! Keep up the good work [/Edit]

    Hope it helps
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    On the same track I am trying to establish a VPN connection with Pre 2 with Strong VPN ( Uptill now only error-messages about servers who don't respond.

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