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    Sorry if this has been covered before. Im just checking before I buy the phone. I really dont want to be suck with a paper weight. For the record, Im an Aussie living in japan.

    Im going to buy an unlocked Palm pre either from ebay (currently waiting on an auction to finish) or buy it from smooth mobiles (a company in Australia selling unlocked phones).

    So if I buy a phone and activate it in Australia eg: make a profile etc.
    I can only get access to the free section of apps in the catalogue ?

    and since I live in Japan, if I bring it to Japan and use a local carrier eg: softbank. I wont be able to access the app catalogue since Japan is not on the supported countries list.

    IS this correct ?

    Thank you for your help ! Oh I forgot to mention - the smooth mobiles pre is $245 Aus
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