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    Hey guys i need help bad. I have a sprint pre- and i swapped the comm board with a gsm pre 2. like an ***** i didn't delete my backed up profile. I just turned backups off. I didn't select the erase option. So anyway when i put the pre 2 into usb mode it never gets recognized. If i boot it up it goes to the clouds hp startup and says phone error. an error occurred that cannot be resolved contact palm. its a generic screen i have seen others get. anyway am i getting this because something is disconnected? is this why meta doctor wont recognize my phone? or is it because i didn't erase backups. my old phone has the gsm guts and it still works but i cant erase my profile. i did the full wipe and now its waiting for the bypass activation at the sos screen. So now am i beat. Or do i just have something loose in my pre 2? i imagine my profile somehow can be re created by palm but not sure. any help would be cool.
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    one more thing, the usb drive does recognize and charge the battery while its at the hp error screen. so the usb is functional.
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    i would swap the com board back and then delete the back up and swap everything back. did you run the WR (world phone gsm) doctor after the meta doctor ? if so and you got the error then you should just swap everything back and start over . also dont let your phone start up by siging into anything after the meta doctor . you have to put into usb mode after ward immediately . i had a friend who had to do the same thing lol
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    well my biggest issue is that it just wont go recognize when i have webos doctor running. i plug in another pre and the next button lights up. i try 3 phones they all recognize except my pre 2. i got it in usb mode. usb mode is no. it just never recognizes so next is never an option. i even tried plugging in my friends pre, then when next lights up switching them. Im pretty convinced its not hardware right?
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    well i had the unlocked phone from hp. the gsm version. I actually updated that to 2.1 using the official webos doctor put out there. I was going to use it as a world phone just in case for travel. Anyway i did the swap, now it gives me that cloud error page when i boot it up. and it wont recognize meta doctor when plugged in. I am trying to go back now. Im getting the same clouds screen now on my old device. so im wondering is this something i pulled or what.
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    From my experience, the dr not seeing pre2 devices is because the version of novacom from 1.4.5 cant see 2.x devices.
    Download and install the webos 2.1 SDK from Part of that install will be the 2.x novacom.
    That will take care of the "being able to see" the pre 2.

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