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    I have issue I hope someone can help out with. My original Pre finally died! I got a new replacement off Ebay for cheap, I was able to backup up everything off of the old usb drive before transfering to the new pre. Everything transfered from my palm profile and everthing was working fine, Except. I have some missing contacts from google. It seems that all contacts created before 10/10 didn't transfer. That date was when I had changed google accounts and all old contacts weren't saved to new google account.

    Ok there's the history here is the question. Are the contacts stored in my backup of my usb drive somewhere? They were still listed up until I transfered to my new pre. I assume there was a file in the old pre with them.


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    BUMP! I'm looking for the same info. Your contact info should be backed up daily on your Palm profile but after having to swap the motherboard on my Pre I'm missing some contact info too, it appears to be only info from the last month or so.

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