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    I bought an unlocked ATT pre+ from ebay and trying to upgrade it to 2.1. I have my T Mobile sim inserted as I want to use the phone with T Mobile. I used the ATT pre+ script at step 3

    Cygwin runs fine until when doctor ask me to connect the phone. Cygwin would endlessly search for device unless I close it.

    >> I think this is the case where the phone automatically disconnect from Doctor reboot into 1.4.5. Now since my palm profile is deleted, the pre+ keep asking me to either sign in or create new profile and ask for "internet apn", "username", "password".

    what should i do and how do i enter the emergency recovery mode? is it the upupdowndown thing?
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    so the big usb icon appeard on screen and i click next on doctor but then it says unable to flash your device... (or sth like that) ?

    is it a driver problem? i remember there is one time my computer said new driver installed "novacom (bootie)" but after that it keeps saying driver error. I used the Webos quick install

    EDIT: i tried a second time this time it's working!!! running at 22%. please wish me luck

    Also, I wonder after the doctoring is done, do I still need to sign in to palm profile? i dont have the info...
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    UPDATE: the process goes thru but I still have to sign in to palm profile which i dont have the info. layout looks a bit different so i assume that it's in 2.1.0

    phone settings are now preset to:
    internet apn:
    username: Handspring

    I cant create a palm profile. Everytime i try, it says fail due to low coverage or sim needs to be manually entered...

    what should i do now? (i didnt do a back up because i think the phone is new so i have nothing in there. was it wrong?
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    I inserted an ATT card and create a new palm profile so it's all good now. THanks GuyFromNam for your all your help

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