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    So, I have the original Palm Pre.
    When I'm in the music app listening to to music, and certain songs come up, the music player will automatically skip that song.
    Any help?
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    what format are they in? And where did they come from?
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    it's possibly a format issues like the wrong codec.

    However, i think i ran into this a few times. Where the Pre still had entries of songs that were not there. like the file wasn't actually their. I can't remember exactly so sorry as i don't use my pre for music anymore. I think the problem had something to do with copying some files to my pre with itunes and others by drag and drop and others i think i used double twist. Then maybe i deleted some songs manually or something. Sorry that the thought is so convoluted but it was well over a year ago. But i think i solved it by deleting all the music by whatever program i used, then going into the phone in usb mode to make sure everysong was deleted. Then i put everything that's on the phone on with the same program, i think i used an old itunes version.

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