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    Hello everyone, first and foremost, I apologize if I ask a little silly, but I am completely new Pre user.

    I have ordered a Palm Pre 2 (UK GSM unlocked)

    I have now figured out that maybe I can not use paid apps on the phone when I need to activate the phone with a UK sim card.

    Now my question, I can use a "Pay as you go" cards from o2 to activate the phone with paid aps in Denmark?

    Or I can with my Danish sim card activate paid aps in a different way?

    Hope you can help me ...

    / Lasse
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    Your phone will need to be first activated in the UK (or other 'official' country) and you will need have a credit card issued in an 'acceptable' country to the UK O2 phone. It will probably include UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and others, but not Denmark.
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    Okay, talked to someone in Denmark who have received a telephone from Germany, which was activated in Germany and then send to Denmark and it works fine with his Danish cards.
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    Well I will try that, it's the same for VISA? Can see you have selected MasterCard in your menu?

    I got this reply from the Palm Store when I asked if I could use my Danish sim card in the phone.


    Dear Lasse,

    Yes, you will be able to use your phone with your Sim Card with no issued.

    The only thing would be restrictions and limitations in using the Palm Paid Apps option.

    The Palm Store Customer Service thanks you for the opportunity to assist you and hopes to have been of assistance.

    Kind Regards,

    Palm Store Customer Service Representative

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    Yes you are probably right, but think I'll try with an o2 sim card in Denmark. If that fails, I lose nothing by it. Thanks for your help.
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    Okay, when sales staff tells me that I am with my Danish sim card can use the phone fully, but do not pay apps.

    So I expect as I have with a phone that I can use fully, and then I use to programs.

    Correct me if wrong?
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    Well, I may as well get access to free apps, and then hope / I expect HP to open up for Denmark at a time (this year? :-) I hope)

    I did not really I want to send the phone back to the UK to get one over to fiddle with it and send it back ..

    But here at last, I just hear, I want to be sure, you mean that if I activate my phone with a Danish card so I can not reset it back to factory settings? And sell it to one in the UK, who then can activate it with he's UK card?
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    Okay, again many thanks. So I must choose to activate it with the Danish short, or not to activate it ... It's a bit hard to choose. Would indeed have had one in the UK to set it up ... Ugh!

    Well I still have a peek in the forums and see if I can find a way to skip it ...
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    Hello rommesme

    I am from Denmark and have been using WebOS products for more then a year now.
    You need to drive to Germany, use a German Sim-Card AND activate the phone in Germany with that Sim-Card on a German network.
    If you don't do that you will not have any paid apps and will not be able to fix it until Palm Fixes the restrictions.
    So be careful! and do the right thing.
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    I can confirm what GuyFromNam and hotdp is saying. I'm also from Denmark, but my Pre (German) is activated with a danish Sim card. I do not have paid apps, and it is impossible for me to get them unless i buy a new phone .

    Last year i bought a Palm Pixi Plus for my girlfriend in Flensburg, Germany. We activated the phone in the shop with a German sim card, and she has Paid apps on her phone. She is using Wirecard to buy apps on her phone.
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    You could get a German O2 sim on ebay (o2 Loop) and drive to Germany to activate

    Do you know that I living in Brazil; in other words, we no have support in AppCatalog.

    If I buy a AT&T Sim Card and choosing USA, can I to enable the access to AppCatalog, activating the GSM PrPrPr $here$ $in$ $Rio$ $de$ $Janeiro$?

    Best Regards...
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    No, won't work. You have to physically be located in the US.
    Hummm... okay, but... if I try to activate using Wifi without the Sim Card... it's possible?

    Best Regards...
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