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    I'm not sure what went wrong with my Verizon Pre Plus; it shows "Verizon Wireless" in the top bar, but won't actually connect to anything. but that's not the problem. I got a new phone from assurion, and eventually got it working fine.

    The problem is that when I was trying to troubleshoot the old phone, the tech had me do the "erase apps and data" menu selection, and when it came back up, I was unable to log in to my profile. He pronounced it dead, and I was able to eventually get a replacement.

    Problem: I have to send the old phone back in the next couple of days, and there are a bunch of pics that i took since the last time I backed it up on there; is there anyway I can get into jump drive mode, or any other way i can copy those off before I have to send it back?

    Hitting grey+sym+U doesn't do it. Turning it on with the "up" volume held down doesn't work. when you start it normally, it goes to the "log on to your profile" screen, and the only other thing you can do is dial a emergency number, which DOES let me enter hash codes, but I can't find one that will turn on the jump drive.

    ANY suggestions? my kids first snowman is on this sucker!

    Afterward: Assurion sent me a phone within 24 hours of Verizon pronouncing the first phone dead. it was a refurb. when I went to activate it, it wouldn't; turns out that assurion hadn't informed Verizon that they had a phone with that MEID. so they sent me another phone. 24 hours later. also had a MEID that Verizon had never heard of.

    On the phone with assurion, they said "you have 3 phones. we can't send you another one until we get 2 of them back" so I mail them 2 back. 1 week later, they call me back and let me know they are sending me another phone. 3 days later it shows up, a New Palm Pre Plus. with a invalid MEID. assurion says "we will have to forward this to our warranty issues department, they will contact you within the next week". I call Verizon and start canceling... Verizon tech says "we can fix this"... 48 hours later they have entered the MEID into the system and phone works fine.
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    You could bypass carrier activation with ##DEVMODE# but don't hold me to this. Seriously I don't know what this causes or if it erases anything I just know it bypasses activation. I suppose you could search ##DEVMODE and see what turns up?

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    Nope, just went back to the "log on to your profile" screen. but thanks anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Have you tried the Palm bypass tool here:
    Developing on an Unactivated Device - HP Palm Developer Center
    That did it!
    OK, if you can't activate your phone profile, but want to get stuff off of it, here is how.
    1. Plug the USB cable into your computer. Do not connect the other end to your device yet.
    2. Remove the battery from the device.
    3. Hold down the device's volume up button.
    4. Insert the USB cable into the device.
    5. Re-insert the battery.
    6. Release the volume up button.

    Download the activation bypass tool available at

    Run the tool.
    The device will reboot; once it does you can put it into drive mode and get your stuff off the system; or you could use preware to get applications off it.

    Thanks, guyfromnam!

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