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    The phone was dropped and now the display won't come on. The little white line light at the bottom of the phone works, and the phone does make some noises, although it doesn't ring when you call it. Also the power button seems a little different, like it is partially stuck...Is the phone dead or what can we do?
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    And if you slide it open and push buttons the screen still doesn't come on? Have you tried a reboot (opt-sym-r)? It's pretty common for a fall to "jam" the power button and make it impossible to use.

    I once had a situation similar to yours (but without the fall) where it looked like it was on, but the backlight wasn't turning on. It was still touch sensitive. Reboots wouldn't fix it. However, turning it completely off for a while (a few hours?) then turning it back on did fix it. So if nothing else is working, you might try removing the battery (as you won't be able to shut down completely if you can't see the screen), letting it sit for a few hours, reinstalling the battery and turning it back on.

    If that still doesn't work, and this is a Sprint Pre, I'd suggest taking it in to a Sprint Repair Center. They will charge you $35 to fix it (even if it's under warranty), but they'll only charge you $35 to fix it, (even if it's NOT under warranty). That is, unless there are visible signs of damage, in which case you might be looking at a more expensive repair.
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    We did take it to a repair shop yesterday and it was a loose connection from the fall. They fixed it for $30, woohoo! It is an AT&T phone and we brought it to an AT&T repair shop called Spring Mobile.
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    you were lucky

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