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    Is there a way to hide or lock photos on my palm pre plus?
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    download internalz, find your image, hit 'info', check 'hidden'.
    no idea what you're going to use this functionality for...
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    No locking with the default app. There is an app called Media Vault that requires a PIN to unlock it. It pretty much just "hides" your photos and videos and makes them viewable in that app. You can hide the photos app though. And use internalz as the post above states to hide individual photos.
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    add a period to the beginning of the file name works as well(from internals at least)
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    This encrypts with blowfish and adds a pin for access.


    Due to processor intensive complications with large files - only files less than 1MB are stored in original form. Files that are larger are reduced before they are encrypted/saved. The program states that 512K and less sized files work best.

    Another downside is that from within the app there is no way CORRECTION - YOU CAN EMAIL THEM to extract the files back to unencrypted format. Additionally the app mentions keeping photos safe (ironic huh?) on another media in original form to avoid loss or damage. There is a desktop client option that purports to allow exporting of the files on a per album basis - but I haven't tried that application as of yet.

    So for me this is an almost, but not quite. I would love to take pics of the family and encrypt them and then extract them when I want - but for now I make copies of pictures and store off the phone before I encrypt them so the utilty is a bit less than desired.
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