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    when i turn on back up all it does is show the dl circle!how long does it take?
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    It varies,I would say on average 15 mins.

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    or sometimes as little as 30 sec
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    well its been 2 hrs and its still doing it!any thoughts?
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    if you are just trying to hit the "on" button to enable auto backup, you will not recover from that error. You should start a chat session on the palm support site, or send a PM to HardbeatZ. I had this same problem but I needed to doctor anyway.

    Others have reported this issue. Not sure what is causing it. You should also grab a copy of palmdatabase.db3 as backup because your backup has been deleted by turning automatic backup off.
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    can I just leave it off?
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    You can leave it off, but any contact or calendar information that is stored in your palm profile will be lost if you ever have to wipe or doctor your phone.

    btw, this is why I recommend that people NEVER put info into the Palm Profile. Are you keeping contacts and calender info in your profile? There are other things it backs up, but those are the two that seem to hurt the most if they are lost during the restore process...

    Also, your apps are backed up elsewhere so they will restore even if your profile info isn't/
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    This made me so glad I'd been using Google for my backup. All I had to do was log-in.
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    Here is a good Precentral "how to" article on different ways to back up your Pre:

    Even though I have never had an issue with Palm's backup in over a year and half, I still use webOSQI as a secondary backup for my Pre.
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    According to the manual all (official) apps should be backed up along with the contacts, adresses and so on via Palm Profile Backup.

    But I never found any instructions how to reassess the apps after loss. I lost them somehow during patching and I already logged in backup-Palm Profile. But there is no option to copy any apps back to the device.

    What do I have to do ?!?
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    Can anybody help me ?
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    Okay - now I can answer the question myself:Although the apps are not available on the Pre, the licence information seems to be stored in the app-store. So I can now download the already charged apps for free.

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