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    Furthermore, I have searched all over Sprint's website for some reference to a 5G cap. Everything I see says "unlimited".

    Anyone have a link referencing the 5g cap?
    The actual 5G cap is for other products, not phones. On phones, they have said they will allow unlimited, unless a person's use is extremely excessive.
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    When I first got my Pre, I signed up for the unlimited data and started playing. A couple months later, I got a call from the accounting department at our company who asked me to come over and take a look at something. I got there and they asked me why they got "this bill" ...which ended up being a Sprint bill for over $2,000. The bill charged me for unlimited data, but then charged for every byte of data used. LOL I called Sprint right away and they instantly admitted the mistake and reversed the charges. Never-the-less.. it was a scary thing to see and have to try and explain to the accounting VP.

    I really need to install Netstat and see what my actual usage is per month since I never see the bill. I wonder if I go over the supposed 5G limit or not.
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    When I had my Pre, with heavy usage, even working from it, I usually used about 3G a month and my son would use a little more on his phone, so it took both of us to go over 5G's. LOL
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    The 5G limit is for "aircards" and the like i.e. 3G/4G modems for laptops. I recently purchased a Dell laptop through Sprint with a built in card and there is a 5G limit on it but no limit to my Pre or my son's Blackberry. Hope this answers the question of the 5G vs unlimited data.
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