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    I have an issue with a Palm Pre Plus that was purchased recently on EBay. Phone is supposed to be basically new and only used for a couple of days. The seller claims the phone was working when she sold it.

    This is on the Verizon network and is running WebOS 1.4.5

    Everything on the phone works great, except for three issues, which I think are related:

    1) Unable to receive calls, but can make calls. People can call my phone and here it ring on their end and then it goes to VM. There is never an incoming call or a missed call indication on the phone. I can, however, receive a call if I'm already on a call.
    2) Usually unable to get get GPS to locate my current position, this seems to be intermittent.
    3) Unable to receive text messages/VM updates unless I'm making a call.

    If I make a call, which works fine, then I can receive a call or choose to ignore it, the big thing is at least an incoming call is recognized. Also, when a call is being placed is when the phone goes on the network and is able to see text messages that were sent to me and also check VM and tell me if there are any messages waiting for me. Its like the cell phone radio is off unless I'm making a call.

    It's not in airplane mode, phone doesn't show offline, it shows full signal strength and shows 3G on top.

    I have done phone resets (factory defaults), ran WebOS doctor, installed an older version of WebOS (1.4.1), then upgraded back to WebOS 1.4.5.

    The phone has been reprogrammed multiple times.
    I have spent an hour with Verizon tech support with no luck.

    I currently have a case open with the seller at EBay since I paid for a phone that isn't working correctly ... at least not now.

    Is there anything else I can try? I believe she did a reset to clear out the phone before sending it to me. patches or applications are in place except for PreWare.
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    I've never heard of your situation and don't know if doctoring the phone would be advisable at this point or if there is an easier method out there, but if nothing else works, the steps to doctor your phone are listed here Palm Support : Palm Pre Plus for Verizon - 6Ts: Six ways to get your webOS phone working again

    It's not a difficult process to doctor a Pre. If I were to have purchased a used Pre, it would probably be the first step I would take before using it.

    EDIT, I'm in the process of having to do a special doctor on my phone. I had a Pre -, upgraded it to a + and just last night doctored the old - to have booth phones working. I messed up a step in the process, which you won't have to worry about, but now both phones have the same wiFi and Bluetooth addresses and they are not usable at the same time on my network. Again, you won't have this issue as a standard unmodified doctor is all you need.
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    OP should definitely run OS doctor. If it doesn't solve your issues, return it.

    BTW, if this is a VZW Pre+ they are known to have GPS issues. There are several good workarounds in Preware, once you get that far.
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    The OP said they have Doctored the phone, look near the bottom of their post.
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    Thanks for the replies everyone....

    I have given up on the phone at this point as I believe I have tried everything possible. Unfortunately, eBay is siding with the seller, saying the item matched the description, even though the seller didn't say the phone was defective. Doesn't make sense to me...

    Anyhow, I have issued an appeal to the case and will update the thread afterwards. If I can't send the phone back for a refund I will sell the phone for parts or perhaps as a limited development platform since WiFi works fine and is useful for non-phone and non-GPS related apps (i.e. Gaming) . There is a tiny crack on the top edge of the case, about 3/16" of an inch long in case someone was thinking about buying it for the front housing.
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    No word from ebay on my appeal..but it doesn't really matter anymore. HP support pulled up the phone's records by the serial # and was gracious enough to swap out this sick Pre for a recertified one for $29.95. Just got the phone today and I can RECEIVE CALLS now!
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    Glad to hear you got it worked out.

    Lets all give a big hand to HP Support for stepping up and taking care of the OP in this situation for $29.95.

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