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    My Blackberry Curve 8900's keyboard inexplicably stopped working, so I decided to g back to my belove Palm (now tha AT&T finally has it). I first put my SIM card back into my Treo 680 to use until the Pre is delivered. How do I get all of my info from the Curve and the Treo onto my new Palm Pre Plus?
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    what sort of info?

    if you are using Outlook, you can grab companionlink or pocket mirror and sync it to the Pre. They have a free trial period.

    post back details and we can offer additional ideas
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    The info is all my calendar, to dos, memos, phone book and a couple third party programs. I've never been on outlook.

    Had humongous issue when first got the blackberry - had to get outlook and companionlink. Was hoping there was an easier way. Really want all this info from both phones.
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    If you can import everything in to outlook one time, that puts it into a format that is easiest to export to other formats.

    for example, you could import it into gmail, and then sync to your Pre directly and then there would be no further need for outlook. your blackberry should have come with a CD that lets you sync with outlook.

    also, the carrier should be able to do a one-time transfer to your Pre, but I would only do that if they have the option to put your data in gmail or yahoo, because the default would be to put it in your palm profile, and you cant access palm profile data from a browser, only from your phone. some are ok with that. I think it's terribly restrictive as someone who is often using a PC.

    BTW, I use outlook but I can understand why you might not want to do that. In that case, your goal should be to get it into a gmail account where your Pre can sync with it directly and you can also access everything from any PC browser.
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    also, i don't think gmail supports memos from blackberry. you may need to export those and then check out one of the notepad-like apps in the Palm app catalog.

    That's one of the reasons I stayed with outlook, because Pocket Mirror comes with a memo app that is compatible with outlook notes.

    in terms of "other applications" you need to be specific. there may not be the ame app for the Pre, but there may be something similar. getting specific app data off your blackberry will depend on what sort of app you are talking about.
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    Easy. Just helped a client do this recently (19th Pre sale btw).

    Use the Blackberry desktop to do one of two things...

    A) Sync all data to Outlook
    B) Export all data as .csv, .cal, etc. (harder)

    Then sync Outlook to Palm Desktop or import exported files into Palm Desktop.


    Use the Palm transfer tool to send everything to a Google account and your all set.
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    I just upgraded to Blackberry DM and Outlook 2010. Finally got them to recognize each other. Set up everything to sync from device to Outlook. When I hit sync, I get the following error: Please choose what to synchronize: organizer data, add-ins, date and time.

    Can someone help me???
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