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    Hey guys, I know this is off topic (REALLY sorry about that) but I need some help with my contacts app. As you already know, when you add new contacts to the app, they get added to the palm profile account by default. I noticed that and copied all my contacts to the SIM card (SIM account) and deleted them from the palm profile account. Today I decided that I wanted my contacts out of the SIM card (SIM account) and back on my palm profile account. I went to the "preferences and accounts" section of the contacts app and found no way to do that. So, I deleted all of my contacts (which were all SIM only) and then added them again but left them in the palm profile account, which happens by default. Since I now had no SIM contacts (just palm profile ones), I figured that the SIM account would no longer show up in the accounts in my contacts app, but it did show up. I now have two accounts in my contacts; palm profile and SIM. Palm profile contains my contacts and SIM has nothing, but I can't figure out how to get rid of the SIM account, can anyone help me with that? There just seems to be now way to delete it. I press it and it just says "0 contacts", I press the palm profile account and it says "30 contacts" which are all my contacts. How do I get rid of the SIM account?!...Thanks, and sorry guys...
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    I don't think there is a way do delete this account. But what is the problem with it?

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    One "fact" to correct is that by default contacts ARE NOT added to your Palm profile. You have control over which account is the default account, so if you want them added to Google then make that the default account.
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    Out of the box, when you add a new contact it gets saved in the palm profile...all I want to do is delete the SIM account from my contact accounts...that is all...

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