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    Does anyone know the name of the files in which WEBOS stores information relevant to the user?

    i.e. Call Log, Memos, Texting, emails, to do, calendar etc?

    And is there a way to obtain this files out of the PRE and somehow restore them one by one if need be?

    Also is there a way for example to manipulated the call log in a computer so we can see all the phone calls made and to whom?

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    Am I dreaming .....This should be a fairly easy thing to do in any device?

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    check out the thread about a new WOSI app called Impostah, too.!270316...-impostah.html
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    But it's not recommended to copy this file from one device to another.
    There is much more info in it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by somline View Post
    But it's not recommended to copy this file from one device to another.
    There is much more info in it.
    that is correct.
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    Someone in this thread sent me a PM for the link to info on the Impostah app. I accidentally deleted the PM before I could answer, and I can't remember who asked. I apologize. It's the dyslex-heimers again!

    Also, I was incorrect in saying it was a front page article. I must have been dreaming about PC again. It is actually a forum thread that you can find here:

    \someone sent me a PM asking for a link to info on Impostah. I accidentally deleted that PM before responding, so I'm answering it here.

    And as an edit, I was mistaken that it was on the front page of PC - apparently I hallucinated that. The link to that application is actually here:

    It only works with webOS 2.x, but you can read about all the cool things you will be able to do. If you want to look at the palmdatabase.db3 file on webOS 1.4.5, here are some links that will help you copy it to your PC, look at the various tables, and even export tables into csv files:

    this has info on where to find email and messaging:

    this is for an app that will let you read the .db3 file:
    SQLite Database Browser | Download SQLite Database Browser software for free at

    One thing about this is that the schema is really complex. you would have to export and join several tables to put all the info together for a single message or contact. I pulled a bunch of tables into Access to see if I could do it, and it took me quite awhile to figure out the key fields to make the joins produce something useful. If you don't understand what I just said... I recommend you don't try anything like this. Without some knowledge of relational databases and a little SQL, you could hurt yourself and certainly be frustrated.

    That's why Impostah will be so cool once webOS 2.x starts showing up on our older Pre/Pre+ phones. I can't wait!

    sorry for any confusion I caused by deleting that PM or the typo in my previous post. I have corrected it to prevent sending anyone else to the front page looking for an article that isn't actually there...
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    It was me but come to find out it only works on WEBOS2 not before which I really do not understand why but.... Also the search function in this forum is not working properly because I search several times by "Impostah" and nothing came out.

    I thank you for your help
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