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    I got a new battery for my Pre yesterday and put it in and charged the phone. That definitely fixed my prior battery issues.

    But now, my emails do not show up on the phone unless I completely restart the phone. It will show that it is searching for new emails, but none will show. But I know there are new emails in the account.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    try removing the account from the phone and then add it back on to the phone.
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    um, never take the battery out unless the phone has been properly powered off.
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    on the palm site it specifically, says not to do that. It ruins the phone logs needed for trouble shooting, and it can damage the phone.

    same reason you don't pull a usb key out of a mac before 'ejecting' it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RUSH View Post
    In some cases though.. Doing it that way surprisingly fix most of my problems. Not saying you are wrong about turning the device off either.
    This has been pointed out many time (here and by Palm) that this is a terrible idea unless the phone has been properly powered down first. The only time you should pull a battery while the device is powered is if there is no other resort.

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