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    OK, I am officially impressed. How does my Pre know where I am and what time it is?

    I'm from the US, have a Verizon (therefore CDMA) Pre+. No SIM card, no GSM. I just arrived in India, and left my phone radio off since it won't be useful here. (I had, of course, been in "airplane mode" while on the -- gasp! -- AIRPLANE!). I checked for wifi signal at the airport, didn't find anything, didn't think much of it.

    At the hotel, I wanted to set an alarm for a few hours hence. Usually I use my travel alarm, but since the airline lost my baggage, I turned to my Pre+. As I turned it on, I was thinking I was going to have to do some calculations to figure out time to set the alarm, since it would still think it was US east coast time.

    SHAZAM! It already knew it was 6 a.m. of the next day! How did it do that?

    Fast forward a few hours. I've now taken my nap, and figured out how to use the hotel wireless. I just Google-mapped my hotel on the Pre+, thinking I was just going to get the map by specifying address. BUT IT KNOWS WHERE I AM, and gave me a pretty good fix!

    How did it do that?

    OK, none of this is urgent, but (1) clearly I don't understand something about how the Pre+ figures out where I am , and (2) once again, WebOS comes through!

    Verizon Palm Pre+, Palm WebOS 1.4.5
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    The GPS, maybe? I'm not sure, just a guess.
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    I would also say gps, I have an unlocked dev device that did not hace the time set, but when I activated gps it suddenly had the correct time.

    again an observation, not deeper knowledge of how the pre gets it's time.
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    It makes sense to me that the programming would allow for it to update, using whatever available method.
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    Hmm...for some reason, I was thinking Google Maps was based on cell-tower triangulation, and I don't have VZNavigator enabled. But if there IS a real GPS in there, that would make sense.
    Verizon Palm Pre+, Palm WebOS 1.4.5
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    Interesting. I have traveled abroad with my phone in airplane mode and stayed abroad for 6 weeks, and at no time did my phone do any of what you said. Sprint Pre.
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    Stung, you're disappointing me, I came in completely expecting a smart answer!
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