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    I am trying to delete all the photos in the photo roll. In the drop down menu there is an option to select all. But there is a target or bulls eye key I don't understand. Yes, I searched under 'target" "bulls eye" and "select all", but nothing useful came up and user guide is no help.

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    Get this: it will give you more control.
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    the bulls eye is the gesture area. Put your thumb in gesture area and you will see it glow that means you are using the target looking thing. So you hold your thumb there and hit the key you need. It won't work with the pictures though to seletct all so internalz is your best bet like the post before mine.
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    Hi hahmule, and Welcome to the P|C forums!

    As vza33 said in his warm welcome - you can install the app "Internalz" and use that. Otherwise, the other options would be to either delete the photo's one by one from the phone, or to plug it into a computer and simply deleting them all at the same time.

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