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    I've noticed this a while ago but kinda just brushed it off because It doesnt get in the way of anything. But in my calendar, when I want to set which profile to add an event to, I get a yahoo profile that I have never seen before or use or has nothing to do with me. I do have a yahoo account and the calendar gives me that option but in addition to this random one like I have two yahoo accounts. It gives me the option for a profile for Joshua_Sanchez. Now my name is Joshua but my last name isn't sanchez So I dont know how this came about. Ive looked in my emails that I have syncing with my phone and I have my normal yahoo email account and no other ones. So does anyone have any idea of where this random yahoo account could have came from when it doesnt even show the account in my emails?
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    did you try to remove it? Remove from calendar, contacts, email, and photos.

    are you using a refurb phone?
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    Ok, I guess I should have looked into it a little more before posting. I found out that it had nothing to do with my emails but with my yahoo instant messenger account I had on there for a bit. It was a work account. I didnt create it and they put the wrong name on it which is why it shows up as Sanchez. Im removing it now. Thanks for the response though. I appreciate it.

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