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    I would like to see an app that is from the app catalog that will track which apps are connecting to data and when. I see usage on my bill when i am not using my phone and i am curious which apps are using the data. I would also like to be able to configure my connections for each of the apps that connect, besides email as i know that one can be configured. I see that there are some that may do this, but i have to do the developer mode thing and I dont really want to do this.If anyone has any suggestions, it would be great. All i have on my phone are games, I get barely any email, so its hard to determine the app that is the problem. I have turned my data off and all my apps still work, the palm profile update does not even show on the bill. I have a limited data plan so this is very important!
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    You probably need to post this in the Patch Request thread or something similar.
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    What about an app similar to... something like 3GWatchdog for Android? Keeps track of your 3G data usage for you, gives you warnings, etc.
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