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    My messaging app hangs on the connecting screen very often, like it cannot find my gmail friends. I noticed that a Luna restart got rid of the problem, at least until it deconnects again. I think it happens when I leave my pre in my locker where there is no signal of any sort. When I pick it up again it tries to reconnect but can stay like that like forever. Is there a way to restart the app without a luna reboot (closing the app doesn't work since it's never really closed anyway)? Or is there a fix of any kind?
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    go to prefs, and the account that is doing this just re type password and sign in. Yahoo does this to me all the time
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    Gmail even messed up my other text messaging account completely.
    Couldn't text until I removed the gmail account.
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    No it didn't work. I removed the account and signed in anew but connecting screen won't go away. I can still restart Luna but I hate to have to put all my cards back up evey time

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