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    I'm on my third Sprint Pre and the last few days the keyboard has intermittantly stopped responding all together of the keys stick and will start repeating a letter over and over. I'm using the F102A Delta Dagger overclock. The keyboard is getting almost unusable. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions? Meta-doctor back to factory settings? Remove overclock? Anyone? I love WebOS but HATE the phone. I wish HP(alm) would get new HW to Sprint. If not, they leave no choice but to look at Android or iOS...

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    Have you tried the Uberkernel?
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    Are you asking if I removed the kernal or if I should try a diffent one? I was more wondering if anyone had experianced what feels like a hardware issue with overclocking. I'm out of warrenty now and with only the Pre Minus at Sprint. I'm stuck.
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    Dare I ask what you were doing to the keyboard to make it sticky? JK
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    It's not physical, it's something software related.
    I have the same problem sometimes.
    Do a shutdown and a battery pull, it will be fixed.
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