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    I have a sprint pre plus modded by the guide on this forum. I have to say I love everything about it. Except my bluetooth has no range at all if I put it in my holster which hangs on my pocket it disconnects.. I noticed in the thread about the conversion that Rwhitby had said not to transfer over the wifioaddr and am wondering if that could be causing a problem, or should I be looking for another motherboard?

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    I never switched the wifioaddr, so I don't think there's a connection. I also have the problem with bluetooth range as well. I picked up my equipment (Verizon Pre Plus) off eBay, so I think there's a chance that I just have somewhat defective equipment. I think someone swapped using a new AT&T Pre Plus and had better luck, but I don't know if it was because it was new equipment or because it was AT&T equipment.

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