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    i'm quite new with smartphones and with pre in general.

    I'm about to buy a second hand pre ( plus or not) on ebay or another simillar site, and i want to know 2-3 things before buying it:

    * I live in belgium so we have only GSM network. => i should look for GSM pre. But will it be compatible with my network (ie. proximus)
    * will i have problems to activate / use / update my phone if it's not an officialy recognised network ?
    * Am i obligated to activat it with the 3g network? or can i do it by usb / wifi?
    * Is there special things that i should be carfull before buying
    * Is there differences of support between pre and pre plus?

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    eMerzh, maybe a future user of this nice os
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    How different are French GSM networks and Belgian GSM networks? I assume you could get a French Pre working on your network. I think you can activate it with MetaDoctor if you can't/don't want to use 3G. There are essentially no differences between support for the Pre and Pre Plus, but the Pre Plus is generally better than the Pre.
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    Avoid an ex-AT&T GSM phone. Wrong frequencies.
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    Ok, thanks for your replies?

    And a "Sprint" version is ok?
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    Quote Originally Posted by eMerzh View Post
    Ok, thanks for your replies?

    And a "Sprint" version is ok?
    No, Sprint is CDMA. You'll need a European GSM Pre/Pre Plus...

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