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    I plug my pre in and get the beep-beep that I connected something. If I click on the USB icon to 'safely remove usb device' it shows the PRE is connected. however I cannot access the files on the PRE at all on this PC ever since getting a new Pre a few weeks ago (my 5th in a year).

    however on my laptop PC at home, I plug it in, files pop up, I grab what I need or add what i need.

    I've had this problem before, but I can't remember what the fix was and after googling and searching here I didn't see it.
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    you said problem started ever since you got new pre 2 weeks ago,,ok I'm thinking maybe it's the pre,,then you said I have had this problem before,so now I'm saying maybe it's the pc. Did you try rebooting your pc? I'm thinking issue must be with pc since it works fine on another pc(laptop).
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    yeah it seems like maybe there is a feature on the Pre i'm forgettting about. when I plug the pre in via usb the pre shows "usb drive" and "just charge" but not media sync. how do i turn the media sync back on? maybe that was what fixed it last time... I just cant' remember.

    its frustrating caues I backed up the old pre to my pc, then brought the new one up and couldn't access it to transfer my old songs and pictures back over.

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