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    hi everybody, i'm from spain and want to find a new rear speaker for my pre.
    reading the ifixit tutorial, i'm be able to locate and take off this speaker.
    unfortunately there isn't part number on it.
    does anyone know part number of it, or another one with the same caracteristic or any webpage to buy it?
    seeking on google or ebay don't help me at all.
    i don't want to change for another phone for a 2$ speaker.
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    Here's somewhere to start.
    OEM Palm Pre Front Speaker
    Pre|central Peacekeepers
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    thanks but in this website only find front speaker.
    i need the rear one.
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    am i the only one with this problem????
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    If the phone is under a year old, get it replaced under warranty. That was done for me in a Sprint store in about 20 min.

    Parts thread on this forum: links to this digikey part Digi-Key - CDMG13008L-02-ND (Manufacturer - CDMG13008L-02)
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    Check out the Parts thread in the Marketplace forum here too.

    ...Noco, you just beat me!
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    thanks a lot

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