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    My Palm Pre Plus refused to reset and was stuck with the Pre logo. I decided to doctor it. At the middle of the action the usb connection stopped working I assume because of a problem with my PC, and the webosdoctoring was aborted. Since then I tried numerous times to doctor it at other computers with no success. It starts the action and then the doctor notifies that it is unable to reset the device and stops. A Triangle appears on the device's screen. It sends me to the Palm web site page that explains how to start the doctoring when the device is stuck, but that is exactly what I have done and the problem is not the start of the doctoring but its abortion right at the beginning when it fails to reset the device.
    It seems the Pre is bricked for good. Can I do something?
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    It happened to a friend's Pre, he took it over to the provider, and ... well, they gave him a Blackberry (his provider is Iusacell in Mexico, and they broke relations with Palm last year, so...)

    I'd take it to your carrier, maybe you'll get a new one
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