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    I'm getting a new Pre shortly (due to slight damage to my present one) with Sprint.

    1) What's the best way to 'backup' my whole phone? that when I get the new one, I don't have to spend 2 days getting everything back to where I was (reinstalling homebrew stuff and tweaking app settings), and I can just reinstall my 'backup'?

    2) Also, best way to hand the phone over to Sprint? full hard-reboot to factory setting? Do the stores need info out of the phone prior to doing this? I definitely don't want to hand the thing over with tons of personal info in there (beyond Synergy stuff).

    Thx for any feedback
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    save/restore app in preware to back up. All contacts are saved to yr palm profile,also yr apps. Do a full erase in device info app,,that should clear out any personal stuff you are concernd about. The store does not need anything in the phone.
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    Yeah, reading about Save/Restore right now (noticed it after I had searched and posted).

    The basic description on that sticky thread says, "Backup Homebrew Data. Palm Catalog apps will backup automatically but Homebrew app data requires the Save Restore app. Install Save/Restore as you would other Homebrew apps and back up regularly."

    1) This implies it only backsup data from Homebrew apps only? What if I have about 30 patches that I'm using? Anyone know if Save/Restore will backup 'all' Homebrew stuff or just Homebrew Apps?

    2) Anyone know if the WebOS backup, backsup 'all' settings for apps, or just the apps. Ex/ I'm worried that I will have to spend an hour setting up Dr.Podder again because WebOS won't backup 100% of all app settings.

    Any insight from those that have gotten a replacement, and have gone through this all, would be appreciated

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