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    Is there a way to download pictures from the web while im on my pre?
    i was just in the wallpaper forums and saw some that i liked, yet im not sure how to get them onto my pre.

    I hit the email picture button next to some of them, then checked my email on my pre, it wont let me open the picture, says "Cannot find an application wich can open this file."
    then i follow the link in the email to download it , hit the downoald button and i get "Unable to open file; This file format is not supported."

    the pics are .png and.jpeg
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    While in the browser, press and hold the orange/grey button(under the a and top left of the uppercase button), and tap on the image. It'll give you an option to save.
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    Did you try holding down the orange/grey button and tapping on the photo/pic you want. It should then give you some options on what can be done with the image in question.

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    thank you guys so much. Guess I still have a bumch to learn I've only had my pre for 4 days now.
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    You might wanna check this out:


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