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    I have a Pixi on Sprint, I've just received a free Pre Plus with paid service for three months on Verizon. I have pre back up & save/restore on my Pixi and wanted to know if anyone knows if the things that are backed up are related to my Palm profile in any way. I still have my sprint phone active, and it will stay on. But I want to basically download my Pixi set up (apps, settings, and all) to my new pre plus so that it works the same way with all the same settings. I had to create a new palm profile so it wouldn't kick me off my pixi. Are any of the things (including paid apps) on my sprint pixi connected to my pixi palm profile when I back them up?

    I just want to make sure i don't majorly mess up my new profile if I try to do it.

    Thanks everyone!
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    Yeah...well, save & Restore just downloads all your app data back. You pretty much have to use the Palm Profile to restore your apps. I'm not sure if it will let you download them since you are switching from a pixi to a Pre. I'm sure someone else has more info than I do.
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    Thanks! Any info is good, it's not that big a deal to reload apps & pay for them - but it would only be for a couple of months so was trying to avoid it.
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    Here is a post from palm on a primer of what is and is not included in the profile (just as an FYI): The Official Palm Blog: A Palm profile primer & Palm Support : Using Backup

    basically, your profile will hold the listing of your apps (paid and non paid), your contacts/calendar/etc in your Palm Profile account, you browser bookmarks and some various settings... so, if you save from your old device with save/restore and restore to the new device, it will only restore your data where you have the same apps, or things like bluetooth and wifi profiles or other settings that have a script in Save/Restore. you shouldn't really cause any damage to the new phone because the restore process will just ignore the apps/settings that you dont have.

    And for a primer of the best way to run save/restore, you can always refer to my article at

    good luck!
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