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    many of you may already know this but I never noticed the chat with palm button in the help menu. Pretty cool that you can do that right from the phone.
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    I never use the Help app... So I guess I've never noticed it... I looked and don't see any button (Sprint Pre)... Is this carrier specific?
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    it's in the help section. Easiest way to bring it up is to press the power button till airplane mode option comes up. Tap the i icon on the right. It brings up the help app. Scroll to the bottom there is a button that says "chat with palm". It comes up in a separate card and says beta on it. Didn't actually use it though. Anyone use it??
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    Never seen it. My only chat experience with palm was per browser pc. holo
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    Yeah...its pretty cool. I tried it like a few weeks ago. Push power button. Click the little 'i'...scroll to the bottom and then click chat with palm.

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    Hm..we learn somethin new every day. Now I'm gonna bug the absolute hell out of them about everything. Gotta love it.
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    yep, I like to use it to ask palm when they will release updates...
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    oh that is pretty freaking kool thanks
  9. #9 a matter of fact, I'm doing that very same thing now!! Lol. They are going to have to disable the feature from my device because I'll be on it 24/7.
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    ok...and it seems like I'm talking to a machine.
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    Who would have though? They dont seem to advertise this feature!
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    Good to know, thanks.

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    Chatted with Palm yesterday...worked great...only thing is that you can't copy the chat transcript....

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