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    I don't create many threads, but I couldn't find anything on this after searching, so here it goes. I'm not personally having this issue, but I would like to find a fix for my co-worker.
    She has a Pixi and uses yahoo mail, from within the email app the inbox shows 2 new messages, however every viewable email has been read.
    The only way I was able to 'fix' it before was to remove the account and have her add it again. I'm just looking for a cause and possibly better solution.
    Anyone else ran into this? Thanks in advance.
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    I have experienced the same problem with a Yahoo based e-mail address and can't find a solution other than to remove and recreate the account on my Pre. If there is an answer out there I would like to know it as well.
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    I've had the same thing happen on my Sprint Pre with gmail, but only when I've had a long, ongoing conversation. Most times I have to click and open the newest emails a second time, then they will finally update as being read.
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    This is actually an issue that has been happening lately with Yahoo/AT&T accounts even on the web-based email. I'm not sure if they changed something in their system recently, but I get this a lot for my web-based email. It will show that I've got 8 unread emails, but when I go to the Inbox, there aren't any there. I empty the Spam folder and Trash and everything is fine.

    My suggestion would be to be sure that the only folder that the device is syncing for that account is the Inbox and nothing else.
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    Go to the account on the web from a browser. Check to see if any emails are showing unread online. Throw something away, then empty the trash. Hit the sync button on the phone after a minute or so and it may fix the problem.

    I have an address at It is a free webmail service in Italy. The Pre was showing a phantom email in the trash. Cleaning up the account through a browser fixed it.
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    it's a bug in the webos client, and not tied to a particular provider. It has done it to me with my courier imap account. Eventually it will clear up, or you can remove/re-add the offending account, or access the account with another mail client to purge the phantom message.

    Mine cleared up after removing the 'delete from notification area' patch. Not sure if the problem is related or just coincidence.
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    it happens to me sometime on my echange account. I have the patch that lets me delete all messages. That fixes it.

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